A lifelong athlete, at age fifty-nine, Louis V. Cesarini maintained a healthy lifestyle, including training and competing in 5k races. When diagnosed with stage 4, non–small cell lung cancer, Louis said: “This is not how I’m going to die.”

As a career pharmaceutical marketeer specializing in oncology, Louis is in a small category of highly informed patients, now finding himself battling the illness he spent years studying. Survival Symphony is a daily chronicle of his lung cancer journey, including his proactive approach to his own survival. Louis offers guidance for how lung cancer patients can and should advocate for themselves and exercise the deep reserve of power they have in their care and treatment.

Louis’s journey rightfully depicts lung cancer as a chronic illness that can be managed alongside living life to the fullest. One of his techniques for doing just that is by playing his French horn, which for Louis is both a measure of his lung health and a reminder of the joyful expression of music.

“Stage 4 lung cancer is no longer a death sentence,” Louis writes in his letter to cancer. “I will spread the word and share how I got rid of you.” With an author undaunted by lung cancer, even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Survival Symphony gives voice to courage and pure joy for life.


“Louis has approached his lung cancer diagnosis with tenacity and courage, and a unique, innate buoyancy of spirit I have seldom witnessed . . . I pray that his Survival Symphony lasts indefinitely and that he be rewarded with the long-term quality survival he so richly deserves.”

From the foreward by

Corey J. Langer, MD

From the staccato of coming out in the 80s, to the steady drumbeat of building a living accompaniment with Scott, to the dramatic and harsh timbre of a stage 4 lung cancer diagnosis. This is your tranquil and serene ballad of survivorship

Mare D.

"Survival Symphony: My Lung Cancer Journey is an exceptionally well-edited book, as I didn't come across any errors. I can't think of anything I dislike about this book. It was inspirational, educational, emotional and entertaining. Therefore, I rate this book four out of four stars. Readers who are going through any form of cancer will benefit from this book. If you enjoy inspirational stories, you will love this book too."

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Louis Cesarini grew-up in Scranton, Pennsylvania and currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.  He entered the United States Air Force directly after high-school and later earned a Bachelor of Music in French Horn Performance at George Mason University.  Upon graduating, he chose a career in oncology sales and marketing.  Louis began writing after being diagnosed with Stage 4, non-small cell lung cancer.

He shares the details of his lung cancer journey in this book, through the inspirational music of Beethoven’s Nineth Symphony.


In a world of COVID-19, Louis shares his love for his husband and Caregiver, along with his love for music through his French horn, to illustrate his determination and courage to beat lung cancer.   Through his adventures, that include traveling and other life challenges, Louis reveals his strength to power through lung cancer despite the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Louis Cesarini’s courageous memoir looks to give others hope and inspiration as he tells his lung cancer survival story through the spirit of music, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

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