Survival Symphony: My Lung Cancer Journey eBook

Not too long ago, stage 4 lung cancer was considered a death sentence. Today, thanks to advances in lung cancer treatment, lung cancer can be considered a chronic disease. Survival Symphony is one man's amazing story of living in the solution.

A lifelong athlete, at age fifty-nine, Louis V. Cesarini maintained a healthy lifestyle, including training and competing in 5k races. When he was diagnosed with stage 4, non-small cell lung cancer, Louis said: "This is not how I'm going to die." That was two years ago, more than twice the life span prognosis for lung cancer patients, and Louis is still here to share his inspiring story of hope, courage, and survival.

As a career pharmaceutical marketer specializing in oncology, Louis is in a small category of highly informed patients, now finding himself battling the illness he spent years studying. Survival Symphony is a daily chronicle of his lung cancer journey, including his proactive approach to his own survival. Louis shares guidance for how lung cancer and other patients can and should be informed, advocate for themselves, and exercise the deep reserve of power they have in their care and treatment.

Louis's journey rightfully depicts lung cancer as a chronic illness that can be managed alongside living life to the fullest. One of his techniques for doing just that is by playing his French horn, which for Louis is both a measure of his lung health and a reminder of the joyful expression of music.

Survival Symphony offers a multidimensional experience for the reader with each of the four parts: Discovery, Treatment, Courage and Believe, drawing inspiration from the four movements of Ludwig van Beethoven's triumphal 9th Symphony. Readers can use the QR codes or footnotes to access online recordings of the music, including performances by Louis on his French horn.

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